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My name is Kevin Wolski and this is just a place for me to share my thoughts and stories about Victoria, Langford, Vancouver and around British Columbia.

Come join me and see what this wonderful world has to offer!


Recent Blog Posts

Here are some of the latest blog posts for you.  It is a mash up of news, stories, photographs, and reviews from Victoria, Langford, Vancouver and all around British Columbia. 

March Already…. Yikes!!!

Wow, were did the time go?  The grass is green, flower starting to push through the soil and the trees full of buds.  This is always an uplifting time of the year where you get energized to get up and start moving. There are lots of things on the to-do list this year...

What is this all about???

One of this years resolutions/changes/things to do, is to start writing more.  Well, actually its to start writing at all. Hopefully this will be a good place to for it to go. Topics will include current events (from Victoria, BC, Canada and around the world), Work,...